To redeem SUSBLE COINS with your order, please note the following points:

  • Forgotten redemption

    If you forgot to redeem your SUSBLE COIN during the order, unfortunately, it cannot be done retrospectively. However, you can use the SUSBLE COIN in your next order.
  • Order with prepayment and SUSBLE COINS

    : The colon must be removed. If you placed your order with the prepayment payment method and SUSBLE COINS, but the money has yet to transfer, contact SUSBLE CHAIN customer service via the contact form. They can assist you in managing your SUSBLE COINS.
  • Functional issues

    If there are problems with the functioning of the SUSBLE COIN, please be aware of the following:
  1. Verify that the SUSBLE COIN got entered correctly.
  2. Check if the SUSBLE COIN is valid for specific products or categories.
  3. Note any minimum order values or other conditions for using the SUSBLE COIN.

If issues persist with your SUSBLE COIN, we recommend that you directly contact SUSBLE CHAIN customer service for further assistance.

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