Online Marketplace

An online marketplace functions as a platform offering diverse products from multiple merchants. Unlike a single store, a marketplace provides the crucial advantage of a broad selection of brands, categories, and products.

The management of all transactions on the platform is overseen by the marketplace owners. The shipment of products often occurs in a decentralized manner, with providers dispatching packages directly from their warehouses.


SUSBLE CHAIN positions itself as an online marketplace dedicated to a sustainable lifestyle. Our exclusive offerings comprise sustainable products designed to enhance your daily life in an environmentally friendly manner.

Every product on SUSBLE CHAIN must meet at least one of our sustainability criteria, clearly displayed alongside the product. You also have the opportunity to directly engage with providers, asking questions and rating the products. Your active participation contributes to ensuring and enhancing the sustainable shopping experience at SUSBLE CHAIN.

We strive to offer better guidance through transparent information, tips, and knowledge, aiming to inspire responsible treatment of people and the environment.

Sustainability Criteria at SUSBLE CHAIN

At SUSBLE CHAIN, every product we offer must meet at least one of our stringent sustainability criteria. Our guiding principles align with the strategic and groundbreaking application of all criteria outlined in the German Sustainability Code (DNK).

We aim to ensure that every product on our marketplace contributes to a more sustainable future. The DNK provides clear guidelines to ensure both ecological and social aspects are considered in product evaluation.

The Susble Market is a marketplace for sustainable products. Sellers are required to offer goods that are sustainable and meet at least one of the following criteria: recycled, vegan, carbon-saving, reduced pollutant production, resource-efficient, Cradle to Cradle, raw materials from organic farming, fair and social.

SUSBLE CHAIN reserves the right to reject the activation of products for sale if they do not meet the aforementioned sustainability prerequisites. Additionally, we may remove products from the portfolio subsequently if facts emerge contradicting sustainability. It's important to note that fulfilling the criteria does not guarantee entitlement to the activation for sale.

Providers on SUSBLE CHAIN

SUSBLE CHAIN positions itself as a marketplace that unites a diverse range of products from various merchants on a single platform. Different sellers exclusively offer sustainable products. The unique 2 feature lies in the ability to shop from numerous merchants through a streamlined ordering and payment process. Enabling you to explore products from providers you might not have discovered otherwise.

Our platform not only grants access to renowned sustainable brands but also presents distinctive offerings from local labels and innovative startups, all contributing to a sustainable and eco-friendly lifestyle.

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