The invoice from the shop where you placed an order through our online marketplace is included in the package.

If an invoice is missing from the package, we recommend contacting the respective shop directly. You can find the contact details in the shop's imprint or in the order overview in the user account by clicking on the shop name.

We cannot create a consolidated invoice as you have entered 5 into individual contracts with each merchant. You will receive an order confirmation and payment confirmation from SUSBLE CHAIN via email.

Payment Methods at SUSBLE CHAIN

  • Credit Card

Enter credit card details during the ordering process. The 3-D Secure procedure protects against unauthorized use.

  • Giropay

Pay via online transfer with online banking credentials. Order processed after payment approval

  • Prepayment

Receive a separate email with transfer details. Ensure the data may change with each order.

  • Klarna instant bank transfer

Direct redirection to the online transfer form. Enter bank code and credentials.

  • PayPal

Pay securely, with ease, and quickly with PayPal. Bank or credit card details remain stored with PayPal.

Payment Receipt

Your order is processed once the payment is received. You will receive an email confirming the payment receipt.

With prepayment, the goods are reserved for seven calendar days. Please transfer the purchase price immediately upon receiving the payment request.

For detailed payment transactions, invoice inquiries, or missing invoices, kindly contact the respective shop directly

  • Automatic cancellation after 2 weeks

If payment is not received within two weeks, this results in automatic cancellation of the order. An automatic payment reminder may be issued, which you can ignore.

  • Place a new order

You can initiate a new order if you wish to cancel an existing order or make changes to the delivery address. Ensure you provide the correct details. Each order has its own IBAN, so transfer funds to the corresponding bank details for the new order.

  • Payment reminder despite transfer

If you receive a payment reminder even though you have already transferred, check if you used the correct transfer details. The IBAN is dynamic and only valid for this order.

  • Faulty transfer or wrong bank details

If you transferred the amount to the incorrect account, retransfer the amount again to the IBAN provided in the order confirmation. If you mistyped or underpaid, further transfer the remaining amount promptly.

  •  Real-time transfers

Real-time transfers cannot be captured by the system, so they are not possible or are automatically refunded.

  • Delayed transfer

If you transferred the amount late (after 14 days from the order date), the order is automatically void, and the money is refunded. You can then place a new order.

  • Aborted order process

In case of problems during the payment process, such as connection issues or timeouts, the order becomes canceled.

If this happens and you have already triggered a payment order, the payment gets automatically refunded. In case of error messages, contact SUSBLE CHAIN customer service.


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