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Our chic women's biker ankle boots featuring dual buckle-straps and a zipper, crafted from sustainable vegan leather. Experience style that's innovative, cruelty-free, lightweight, and durable.

• Our ankle boots boast a sleek, minimalist design, striking a perfect balance between elegance and casual flair. Decorative details enhance their practical elastic side panels for added style.

• Crafted from toxin-free materials, Odet Green ankle boots offer hypoallergenic, breathable comfort. The antibacterial properties help combat odours, while the moisture-wicking EVA insole ensures blister-free wear.

• Enjoy all-day comfort with these modern, attractive ankle boots, ideal for both indoor and outdoor adventures. They effortlessly blend fashion with comfort for a versatile look.

• Choose from classic black or vibrant green to suit your style.

• Made with environmentally-friendly microfibers, these boots are water-resistant, breathable, antimicrobial, and hypoallergenic.

• The vegan leather uppers are crafted from sustainable microfibers for a guilt-free luxury.

• The lining consists of 90% microfibers and 10% PU for added comfort and durability.

• Features nickel-free metal zippers and buckles, complemented by an elastane lateral panel for a snug fit.

• Experience enhanced comfort with the moisture-wicking, padded EVA foam footbed.

• The slip-resistant TR rubber sole offers durability and stability on any surface.

• Proudly crafted in Portugal using sustainable materials and ethical manufacturing processes, ensuring a fair work environment.

1. Gently brush off any dust or mud from your shoes using a soft brush or dry cloth before exposing them to moisture.

2. Wipe the shoe with a damp cloth in circular motions to remove dirt. For stubborn stains, use gentle circular motions with a soft-bristle brush and water. Ensure you rinse the cloth regularly to prevent spreading dirt.

3. Allow your shoes to air dry in a shaded area before applying any polish cream.

4. Using a dry, soft cloth, apply a small amount of polish cream to the shoe, gently rubbing in circular motions.

5. After polishing, let the shoes dry naturally for 24 hours away from direct sunlight.

Note: Avoid washing the product in a machine or submerging it completely, as this may cause irreversible damage.

When your shoes reach the end of their lifespan or you no longer need them, consider repurposing or donating them to extend their usefulness.

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